Aletta Jacobs Award

“Aletta Jacobs award session for female scientists at start of their career”.

The Aletta Jacobs award is dedicated to promote female scientists in the field of microvascular biology at the start of their career. It was first introduced at the joint Dutch German microcirculation meeting in 2018 in Amsterdam, and continued to promote cross-border vascular research involving junior scientists. Eligible are female PhD students, and female Postdocs within on year upon their thesis defense.

Aletta Jacobs was the first female physician in the Netherlands, and also the first woman to obtain a PhD in Medicine. She showed a strong engagement for women in society and she was a role model for many female scientists to follow, both in the Netherlands and internationally. More information about her life and remarkable research and social activities can be found here: or

The Aletta Jacobs young investigator session will take place on the afternoon of the first day. In total three oral presentations will be selected based on submitted abstracts; the best presentation will obtain the award (300.- €) . For those eligible, please indicate during the abstract submission whether you want to participate. Please provide us with the essential information regarding the status of your PhD (starting year); first year Postdocs should provide info on date of thesis defense (Promotionsdatum).

Coordination: Jaap van Buul (Amsterdam), Ferdinand le Noble (Karlsruhe).