Welcome Message

It is with great pleasure that we announce the annual meeting of the German Society for Microcirculation and Vascular Biology (GfMVB).

We cordially invite everyone interested in vascular biology to participate in and contribute to vibrant and stimulating Symposia. In remembrance of the last year’s splendid meeting in Amsterdam, we especially encourage our Dutch colleagues (http://debsociety.nl/, http://www.mivab.nl/) to visit Heidelberg and attend our conference which is dedicated to the following topics:


  • Organ-specific vascular features
  • Mural-endothelial crosstalk
  • Endothelial cell-cardiomyocyte communication
  • Biomechanical control of vascular differentiation & function
  • Microcirculatory tumor progression and metastasis
  • Vascular homeostasis, aging & repair
  • Vascular metabolism
  • Immuno-vascular communication skills

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS  (in alphabetical order)

Hellmut Augustin, Johannes Backs, Andrew Baker, Gabriele Bergers, Jaap van Buul, Lena Claesson-Welsh, Stefanie Dimmeler, Andreas Fischer, Sergij Goerdt, Riikka Kivelä, Michaela Kuhn, Anjali Kusumbe, Eckhard Lammert, Ferdinand le Noble, Stefan Offermanns, Michele De Palma, Michael Potente, Anna Randi, Christian Rask-Madsen, Massimo Santoro, Lydia Sorokin, Barbara Walzog, Karina Yaniv…